DC909 is the 909 chapter of the Defcon hacker conference. Our goal is to maintain the spirit of the Defcon conference through out the year. This includes education, experimentation, research and social interaction.

DC909 is not limited to just the 909 area code. It includes 951, formally part of the 909, and anyone is welcome to participate. DC909 is interested in collaborating with other DC chapters and organizations interested in computer security and technology hacking.

DC909 News and Information

Wed, 04 Oct 2017
Welcome to DC909

DC909 is in flux currently. There is an effory to get things going. There isn't a time table yet but DC909.org maybe moving to a new site. Stay tuned. I will try to post updates here.

I think there are a couple people who have been interested in restarting the group. You can contact:

Grurney Halleck:
gurney [at] gmail [dot] com, @gurneyh

Static Effect:
staticeffect [at] staticeffect [dot] com, @security_panda

so we can talk.


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